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2023 Honda Hornet CB750 Details Emerge in Vehicle Certifications

Honda‘s been teasing its new Hornet for several months now, first with a concept at EICMA, some design sketches in June, and more recently, details about its new Parallel-Twin engine. While we wait for Honda to officially reveal the the bike, we’ve managed to get further specifications for the 2023 Honda Hornet, thanks to vehicle certification data from Switzerland.

The Swiss data lines up with what Honda has already revealed about the Hornet, including its 755cc Parallel-Twin Unicam engine and its claimed output of 90.5 hp at 9500 rpm, 55.3 lb-ft. at 7250 rpm. The vehicle certification also confirms the Hornet will bear the model designation CB750A, with an internal model code of RH12.

The Hornet will be equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, and at this point, there is no evidence of a DCT version. The gear ratio is listed as 2.81, which suggests a 16-tooth front and 45-tooth rear sprocket. The top speed is listed as 205 kph, or 127.4 mph.

The certification document does not provide much information on the suspension system, but it does confirm the presence of dual front disc brakes and a single rear brake disc, plus ABS, though none of that comes as much of a surprise. The front wheel is fitted with a 120/70 ZR17 (58W) tire, while a 160/60 ZR17 (69W) tire is equipped at the rear.

The Hornet is listed at a length of 82.3 inches, width of 30.7 inches and height of 42.7 inches. The wheelbase comes in at 55.9 inches. The curb weight is listed at 270 kg (595 pounds), but per Swiss regulations, this includes a rider assumed to weigh 75 kg plus riding equipment. Factor those out, and we’re looking at a wet weight of closer to 405 pounds. For the sake of comparison, Swiss certifications list the Rebel 500 as having a curb weight of 271 kg, and Honda claims its wet weight, sans-rider, is 408 pounds.

Honda Germany is scheduled for a press conference at Intermot in a couple of weeks, but a reveal in November at EICMA, site of the initial concept’s reveal, may be more likely. Of course, the big question for us is whether the Honda Hornet CB750 will be offered in the U.S. At this point, there is little indication that it will be, but we continue to hope.

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