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Quartararo misses Jerez Test, Marc Marquez completes 7 laps

The two-time 2021 winner and eight-time World Champion had fitness issues on Monday after the Spanish Grand Prix

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Viñales completes 101 laps and ends Jerez Test fastest

Every MotoGP™ rider bar Quartararo and Bradl were back on track in Andalucia for a crucial day of testing

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Official Test in Jerez awaits MotoGP™ grid on Monday

An important day of testing will play out a day after the Spanish GP with motogp.com the only place for comprehensive coverage

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Best photos: Gran Premio Red Bull de España

Another incredible weekend of racing is behind us, but why not reminisce and have a gander at some top photos?

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Pol Espargaro left disappointed by the lack of unity at HRC

Ahead of a crucial test in Jerez, the Repsol Honda rider bemoaned the fact there were three different RC213V packages at the Spanish GP

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Holgado takes Jerez Race 2 Rookies Cup thriller

The Rookies Cup is guaranteed to entertain with their final race of the weekend in Jerez serving up an absolute classic

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Harley Announces 2021 European H.O.G. Rally Officially Canceled

Change of plans.

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Best Motorcycle Racing Tires You Can Also Use On The Street

In our Best Sportbike Tire series, we compiled a list of sportbike tires primarily suited for spirited street riding. In this, our Best Motorcycle Racing Tires series, we’re catering to the hardcore track rider, or even club racer, who still fancies the odd street ride. If you fall in that category, this list is for you. Here we’ve compiled some of the best track rubber you can find while still being approved by the Department of Transportation. In case you didn’t get the subtle hint, you won’t find any slicks on this list, but what we have here are nearly as good. As with many things in life, there’s a catch – some of these tires you’ll have to get through your local track vendor and can’t necessarily buy online. To put a positive spin on this scenario, at least you can feel good knowing you’re supporting a local business. Better still, your local track vendor will have the best advice as to what tire pressures to set for your local riding areas. Where possible, we’ve linked to Motorcycle.com staff member reviews of said tire(s), so here they are in alphabetical order.

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2021 Aprilia RS 125 and Tuono 125 First Look

Aprilia has updated its RS 125 and Tuono 125 for 2021, making them Euro 5-complaint and tweaking the styling of the entry-level street bikes to resemble their respective 660 models. The two 125 models are designed to serve beginners with Europe’s A1 license, which unfortunately also means they are unlikely to be imported to the U.S.

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Michelin Motorcycle Tires: Everything You Need to Know

In addition to being the largest tire manufacturer in the world, Michelin is also one of, if not the oldest tire maker, with a brand that’s known worldwide for much more than tires, and a mascot, Bib, who’s also instantly recognizable (even though he quit smoking cigars some years ago). Michelin’s road maps, travel itineraries, and hotel and restaurant guides have told people where to go ever since the miracle of internal combustion made it possible for them to go there. The fine dining industry lives and dies by the Michelin stars its Red Guide awards to restaurants for their haute cuisine. In fact it may have been Michelin that coined the phrase so many motorcycle riders have taken to heart: “Eat to ride, ride to eat.”

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Take the 2021 Motorcycle.com Reader Survey and Get Entered to Win a $500 Amazon Gift Card

Here at Motorcycle.com, we’re always looking for ways to up our game, which is why we’re conducting our annual survey to learn more about readers like you: what you ride, how often you ride, which brands you’re most interested in, what you’d like to see more of on MO.com. Plus, as an added incentive, and special thank you for completing the survey, we’ll be giving away a $500 Amazon gift card to one lucky reader.

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Is Lane Splitting Legal? Where?

In crowded metropolises around the world, two-wheeled motorists flow through city streets packed to the brim with four-wheeled unfortunates impatiently waiting as traffic slows to a crawl en route to their destination. For those who haven’t come to terms with spending hours on end in their cages only to cover meager distances, traffic can be an incredibly frustrating experience. I’m getting myself worked up about it just typing this! 

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Motorcycling Consistency, Part 3

Chris Peris is constantly scanning ahead, adding consistency to his lap times.

Chris Peris is constantly scanning ahead, adding consistency to his lap times. (Chris Peris Collection/)

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Yamaha E01 Electric Scooter Plans Revealed in Patent

Yamaha’s E01, first revealed as this concept, now seems to be close to production, though in modified form.

Yamaha’s E01, first revealed as this concept, now seems to be close to production, though in modified form. (Yamaha/)

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