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It’s All Green: Award-Winning ‘Biophalt’ Uses Vegetables to Pave Roads

Amidst the constant struggle toward a better future, we tend to see a lot of odd stuff fly by the proverbial window. 

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LiveWire Del Mar: U.S. Reservations Now Open

It wasn’t that long ago that Harley-Davidson released news of their Hardwire Strategy, initiated to “enhance the desirability of our brand and protect the value of our iconic products,” (via Harley-Davidson’s Site Map).

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Gone with the Plaid: 2023 Honda Monkey Sports Checkered Livery

On this bright, cheery, sunny Wednesday (insert sarcasm for the opposite end of the weather radar), we bring you Honda’s newest refreshed face. 

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Energica Bags $2 Million Deal and Bikes for Prestigious G20 Summit

If there’s one busy bike brand I’ve been keeping an eye on, it’s Energica

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Triumph: A Bond-Inspired Bike for Q4

Commander James Bond CMG RNVR may have had a few changes of scenery in his day, but there’s one over-arching thing that compliments the plethora of scoots into the sunsets with dapper gals and an explosion or two to offset the dopamine…and it ain’t his middle name (Herbert). 

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Alpinestars X Marc Marquez Collection: The MM93 Track Leather Jacket

Triumph’s in the 2024 FIM Motocross Championship

In a new bit of business, Triumph’s decided to take a spot on the dirt track of the 2024 FIM Motocross World Championships – and apparently, the spankin’ new bike range they’ve got for the occasion will be out sometime between now and their first round of whoops. 

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Harley-Davidson Begins Trading of LiveWire™ on NYSE Stock Exchange

Back in Q4 of 2021, Harley-Davidson released that they had plans on going public with their new electric motorcycle brand, LiveWire™

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The Top 5 Two-Stroke Motorcycles of All Time (On Road Edition)

What’s that old adage about making something more attractive by telling someone they can’t have it? Well, if ever there was a perfect example of that thinking, it’s two-strokes. Deemed redundant by an army of naysayers—including the motorcycle racing fraternity themselves—they were meant to go the way of the dinosaurs. But no… not just yet. For anyone into classic track racing, the temptation of entering a competition with something as light and powerful as one of the bikes you see here is just too much to handle.

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Deal of the Week: Select Gauntlet Gloves Over 40% Off

With cooler riding days just around the proverbial (and literal, we suppose) corner, it’s time to put away your short cuff mesh gloves and reach for something a little more robust. Granted, not all gauntlet motorcycle gloves on sale at RevZilla are made for cold-weather riding—but in general, you’ll find these gloves offer better protection from both inclement weather and the surface of the road.

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Concept Corner: The HYDRA, ‘A Design Study in Hydrogen Power Trains’

Gear Grind: The KLIM Ai-1 Rally Airbag Vest 

What would you do if you had access to an award-winning motorcycle airbag company who wanted to create a new unit for the moto masses?

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Industry Insider: Arizona Allows Lane Filtering

As of last week, riders in the state of Arizona will be able to take advantage of lane filtering, with a wee condition or two to seal the deal. 

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REV’IT Restless Leather Jacket: Hands-On Review