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For the Record: World’s Oldest Production Motorcycle Sold to Highest Bidder

Thanks to a recent bit of activity at Bonham’s, we’ve got a front row to the newest…oldest…production motorcycle in the world – the first to make the term ‘motorcycle’ stick, in fact.

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Deal of the Week: Over 20% Off Select AGV Helmets

Your helmet is undeniably the most important part of your kit, so it’s vital to invest in a good one. That’s easier than ever this week, with RevZilla offering deals over 20% off on select helmets by AGV (who make some of the industry’s best).

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Debunked: Honda’s Hawk 11 is Staying in Japan

Don’t believe the rumors, folks.

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MV Agusta is Officially Debt Free


Over the weekend, an inaccurate article was published, showcasing ‘Aprilia’ being debt-free instead of ‘MV Agusta.’ This content did not align with WebBikeWorld’s standards for accuracy and integrity. We regret that our error spread incorrect information about Aprilia.

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Why LiveWire Motorcycles Aren’t Selling

Sena 50C 4K Camera & Mesh-BT Comms System Review

Weise Ripley WP Ladies Glove Review

Daytona Travel Star PRO GTX Boots Hands-On Review

Electric Everything: Express Delivery Market Explodes

Amidst the lockdowns of 2020, the Powersports industry experienced a lift in motorcycle sales – and, if you recall at the time, we chalked a great deal of those sales to ‘recreational fun’ and the need to save on travel/transportation fees.

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Aprilia Finishes 2022 Debt-Free

The Powersports industry has quite the handful of bike brands that have hit financial lows. 

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Electric Everything: LiveWire Reports 69 Motorcycles Sold Last Quarter

While Harley-Davidson might no longer be the owner of LiveWire as a brand, the company still enjoys an 89.4% stake in the group (plus STACYC’s electric balance bikes) – which is why we’re connecting Harley’s 2022 successes to the zero-emission bike brand’s 2022 sales results.

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Harley-Davidson’s 2022 Fourth Quarter Results

Our iconic American bike builder has some new market spikes to celebrate – and the festivities apparently include a 9.6% shares increase.

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The 2023 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Lineup + Our Take On Each Model

For 2023, Harley Davidson continues its huge lineup of bikes which are full of updates and unique options for every category of rider.  From the Sportster to the Glides to the Trikes, they have an option to suit most any Harley enthusiast!  Harley has managed to innovate on many fronts from suspension to electronics while maintaining the classic looks and powerful engines that has made the brand so popular for many years.

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Connecticut: Wear a Helmet or Donate Your Organs

… There has truly never been a better time to stick a lid on it, folks. 

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