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Vata7: X1 Helmet Launch Set for April 12

What’s 1.9lbs and boasts a waterproof, shockproof, LED lighting system capable of 50,000 hours that is simultaneously ‘the only helmet in the World that wirelessly integrates and mirrors your motorcycle’s lighting system?’

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Raven Rova’s Friday Crowdfunding Campaign

When we first covered the wonderful world of the beautiful soul behind Raven Rova motorcycle gear, we knew from the few reviews we’d completed that Karleen Eberle puts her heart and soul into her work. Still, we didn’t have the whole picture on what makes a perfect piece of protective gear.

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Forcite’s Cutting-Edge MK1S Smart Helmet is Here

It wasn’t so long ago that we covered a 3.4lb smart helmet that was taking the moto community by storm – and we continue to pay attention with good reason. Forcite’s got the first smart helmet in the world to achieve ECE certification and also win a Good Design Award, blending a deadly combo of form and function that had their last batch of helmets snapped up in under 30 minutes (no joke. It was so insane we covered the story back in November of 2021).

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The One Show: She’s Back for 2022

Calling all fans of The One Show – she’s back, and by all accounts she’s bigger than ever!

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Yamaha’s Vlog-Style “Roots.” Documentary Features Four Riders and a Few Stories to Share

Amidst the offerings of the past few years have come more than a few stories of riders who have experienced the beauties of long-term travelling on a motorcycle.

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Pirelli: SCQ compound makes its official debut at WorldSBK

WorldSBK’s Italian tyre manufacturer will be trying out their new compound this year on the circuit – and by all accounts, we’re about to see a very nice difference in times across the board. 

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Indian Motorcycles’ Swap Your Swag Hits Local Dealerships on April 9th

Indian Motorcycles will soon be celebrating their annual Swap Your Swag event – and if you’ve got an old moto number in the trunk, you’ll be getting a nice  t-shirt out of the trade. 

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Industry Insider: Ugly Price Hike for Retro Japanese-UK Moto Imports

With today being the residual economy of the past few years, we have another repercussion for the archives – and this one is going to hit fans of the Honda NR750 right in the no-no. 

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Langen to Add Four-Stroke and Electric Bikes to Lineup

This spring is seeing wild success for Langen on the creation and launch of their two-stroke, carbon fibre, and 24ct gold leaf café racer brainchild – so much success, in fact, that they’ve already begun setting up the lab for an eventual four-stroke sibling, with electric beasties to follow soon after. 

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BELL x RSD Births New MX-9 Mips Rally Graphics Scheme

Vance & Hines Has a New Drag Race Exhaust

Yesterday, Vance & Hines announced a new addition to their pipe lineup – and she’s a baddie. 

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The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) 2022

ALYI Adds Cryptocurrency To Electric Motorcycle Enterprise

At the end of last year, ALYI – also known as Alternet Systems, Inc. – was working hard to fulfil the $2 million electric motorcycle order that was set in place for their new Rideshare enterprise. Now, the successes with Kenya’s program are about to be a new vibe for Brazil – and ALYI’s even added cryptocurrency as a potential, to sweeten the deal. 

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Norton: A Suspended Sentence For Stuart Gardner

We’ve just had some recent updates regarding ex-Norton CEO Stuart Gardner’s current predicament – and according to a recent hearing at the Derby Crown Court, the man is now facing a suspended sentence. 

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