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Ducati World Première 2024: Episode 1 – The 30th Anniversario Monster

*Update: Ducati’s website has officially confirmed their Monster 30th Anniversario as their “iconic’ bike for Episode 1 of their 2024 World Première; as such, the below coverage has been adjusted to reflect this change.*

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2023 BMW S 1000 RR M Motorsport Superbike Ride Review

Review Summary

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BMW M 1000 R Review By AutoTrader

Rory Reid from AutoTrader tests the latest BMW M bike, the M 1000 R. This hyper roadster houses a powerful superbike engine, delivering a remarkable 205bhp, all wrapped in a comfortable and lightweight body, tipping the scales at just 199Kg. The question remains: Is it a touch too wild for the streets or the ideal blend of practicality and explosive performance?

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Bike Of The Day: 2014 Lotus C-01

The Lotus C-01 stands as a rare gem, with only 100 units ever produced. Its unveiling in 2013, initially presented as a captivating three-dimensional computer mockup, caused quite a sensation. Notably, it marked the first time the prestigious Lotus name had ventured into the world of motorcycles. Drawing inspiration from the successful F1 racers of the 1960s, the C-01 boasts a radical body shape that pays homage to its racing heritage.

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Fast Filings: Harley-Davidson X Hero Apply for a “Nightster 440”

Since the Harley-Davidson X440 debuted to India’s markets, opinions of the thing have ranged from “neat,” to, “I can’t wait to ride one, then walk away shaking my head” (via commentary following coverage from CycleWorld). 

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Yamaha: 2024 TRACER® 9 GT+ is the World’s First Bike with Radar-Linked UBS

On top of Yamaha celebrating 25 years of their R1 (and commemorating 50 years of the YZ range), the marque has just punted out a new sport touring flagship: The TRACER® 9 GT+. 

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Techy Stuff: Cardo “Intercom Recorder” Allows Riders to Save Mid-Ride Chatter

Track Time: YCF’s GP Mini Bike lineup is Here

Bike Of The Day: 1991 Harley-Davidson XRTT Custom

Harley-Davidson’s race legacy was rooted in its dirt-track racers. To stay competitive for the number one plate, they introduced the OHV XR for road-racing circuits in 1970. Icons like Mert Lawwill and Cal Rayborn raced the XR-TT, a nod to Tourist Trophy racing, featuring a classic design with high pipes, a long tank, and a full fairing for a streamlined profile.

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Save the Date: The Ducati World Première 2024

Ladies and moto men, prepare to be stunned, gobsmacked, entertained, and more – for the 2024 installment of Ducati’s highly-anticipated World Première is almost here!

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The Gear Grind: Dainese’s New Atipica Air 2 Riding Shoes

2023 MV Agusta F3 RR / RC [Specs, Features, Photos]

MV Agusta F3 Rosso 2023: A Masterclass In Performance And Style

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2023 Can-Am Ryker Sport [Specs, Features, Photos]

Experience the Thrill of 3 Wheels On The 2023 Can-Am Ryker Sport

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2023 Can-Am Ryker Rally [Specs, Features, Photos]

Explore 3 Wheel Moto-Touring With The Can-Am Ryker Rally

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