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Motorcycle Mods: MAG Fights Proposed Restrictions To Make Bike Tinkering Illegal

The Motorcycle Action Group is out to bat for our non-fitting OEM parts – and according to the Department for Transport (DfT), the EU docket holds proposals that seek to restrict bike modifications. 

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Brembo Buys Tech Startup Companies to Invest in Advancements

Our favorite Italian brake manufacturer is spooling up its knowledge of advanced brake system technology by buying out other companies to expedite the process. 

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MV Agusta: Special Edition Superveloce Ago Debut

MV Agusta has just released a very pretty Special Edition Superveloce Ago to the masses in commemoration of the outstanding legacy of ex-factory racer Giacomo Agostini – and it’s a retro sports bike reminiscent of Agusta’s previous homages to the man (the Italian manufacturer’s F4 Ago and F3 Ago). 

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[REVIEW] Richa Softshell Mesh WP Pants

The Best Motorcycles of the 2000s

The 2000s were a great decade for me in many ways, but they totally sucked from a motorcycle ownership perspective. I was working hard to ensure food was on the table for my two young sons, and I had to get my riding fix by borrowing my brother’s Gixxer or my father’s Goldwing. Still, there were a lot of amazing bikes out there that I didn’t have access to—and today, I’m going to write about them.

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Ducati Steps In To Replace Energica as MotoE Supplier

Ducati??” you protest.

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Energica To Exit MotoE After 2022

Dorna Sports – commercial rights holder for MotoGP – will be losing Energica as their main supplier in electric sportbikes

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[Review] Richa Airstorm WP Jacket

Four Insurance Motorcyclists Should Consider

It is a relevant fact that riding a motorcycle, by the very nature of it, is objectively more dangerous than driving a car. You have two small contact patches with the pavement instead of four larger ones, you are exposed to the elements instead of wrapped in metal and glass, and you are smaller than the average vehicle on American roads, which some people may not be looking out for. There are many ways to mitigate the risks, however one of the most important things to have while riding is dedicated and specialized motorcycle insurance.

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Honda Expands Adventure Scooter Range with ADV350

When Honda confirmed their first adventure scooter (the X-ADV) and debuted it at the City Adventure Concept at the 2015 Milan show, there were a few giggles.  After all, why swing a leg over a scooter for a rugged ride when you could have access to an adventure motorcycle with better specs and an all-around better aesthetic?

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H2 Motronics: New Hydrogen Motorcycle Set For Spring 2022

The motorcycle community, I would argue, is relatively small – not as small as it used to be, but it is still considered more intimate than the raging automotive industry that surrounds us today. Within that community is the tightly-knit fan group cheering for a two-wheeled electric future with cleaner energy sources – and within that group, there’s a few that have tackled the concept of using hydrogen as an energy source. (I’d argue that everyone in that particular huddle is on a first-name basis with each other.) 

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VIN Data Proves 2022 Indian Pursuit will House the Heart of a Challenger

The lord and ladies over at Team-BHP have just given us an update on the new Pursuit being released by Indian Motorcycles. Newly surfaced VIN data shows the motorcycle will likely be getting a bit of an upgrade in the cardiology department – specifically, a 1,768cc, 122 BHP V-twin, PowerPlus engine currently being put through its paces in Indian’s highly popular Challenger series.

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Harley Davidson Reveals Their First Custom LiveWire One

Bridgestone Releases New Battlax Adventure Trail AT41 Tires

Bridgestone is expanding their tire line – and the new addition to the shelf promises to be the perfect unit for larger displacement adventure bikes

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