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MotoAmerica’s First Medical Director Passes at 67

It is with heartfelt condolences that we cover the passing of MotoAmerica’s very first Medical Director. 

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Industry Insider: New US-UK Trade Deal to Counter “China’s Unfair Trade Practices”

Following the resolution of the Tariff Dispute between the US and the EU comes an equally important (and juicy) trade deal between the US and the UK – and the pledge will protect both parties from ‘China’s unfair trade practises.’ 

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The Neglected Truth About Snell M2020

Ryan F9 has become a YouTube sensation thanks to his wit, no-nonsense on-camera presence, and entertaining video montages. I appreciate the artistry and dialogue in his videos but take issue with inaccuracies in some of them.

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[REVIEW] REV’IT Component H2O Jacket

Can-Am: New Parent Company Patents Reveal Electric Motorcycle Platform

Of all the brands floating about in the three-wheeled space, Can-Am’s got the proverbial cat in the hat. 

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Custom Eye Candy: MotoCrew’s 1979 XS650 Cafe Racer

Custom Eye Candy: A Ferrari-Styled Harley-Davidson Breakout from MELK

It’s not often that I find myself writing about custom bike shops that flaunt their priorities as ‘paint first, motorcycles second,’ but today we’ve got circa-2016 custom bike shop named MELK on the docket – and it’s literally the company’s mojo. 

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Yamaha: $700,000 Pledged to Aid Ukraine

Yamaha has just joined the tally of bike brands giving for a cause and tossed $700,000USD at the current efforts being gathered in support of Ukraine.

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Suzuki America’s Previous VP Passes

It is with sincerity and heavy hearts that we offer our condolences to the family of one of our moto industry’s leading figures. 

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MotoGP: Marc Marquez’s Diplopia is Back

After a weekend fraught with speed figures and accidents, Marc Marquez has been diagnosed with a renewal of his original Diplopia diagnosis

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Custom Eye Candy: Lord Drake Kustoms Reveals BMW Sport Edition Cafe Racer

Triumph: Partnership with Gibson Guitars Reveals Iconic T120 and Matching Les Paul Standard

In line with their typical demographic, Triumph has unveiled a new partnership – and this time, the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride will be benefiting from the collab results. 

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MotoGP: All Speed-Increasing Ride Height Tech to be Banned for 2023

We’ve just had word thatride height devices – first tested by Ducati and adopted by other teams for faster speeds coming out of turns on the circuit – have been voted as dangerous and officially bannedby the Grand Prix Commission. 

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Aston Martin Begins Deliveries of AMB 001 Superbike

After two and a half years of waiting, Aston Martin has finally begun deliveries of their track-child, the AMB 001 superbike – and apparently, ten of the original batch are still available.

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