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WSBK: New Technical and Sporting Regulations for 2023

Back between the 6–8th of October, members of the FIM Superbike World Championship, Dorna, MSMA, and the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) sat down and plotted out changes to the current technical and sporting regulations for WSBK – and there are certainly a few changes to the docket that will benefit the coming season. 

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Last Day Deal: 2023 AMA Supercross Season Tickets!

If you had your eye on spending a bit of time at the 2023 Monster Energy AMA Supercross series, you’re in luck – today’s the last day to be able to ring in for the pre-sale deals!

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2022 Ducati Monster Review

Review Summary

  • The 2022 Ducati Monster gets a larger engine and a redesigned chassis, making it noticeably lighter and more powerful than previous models.
  • Available in standard and “+” modes, the 2022 Monster comes in three colour options.
  • The rear end of the bike could be cleaned up slightly and the quick shifter might not make a huge difference for everyday riders, but other features like launch control and the three different available riding modes offer noticeable performance improvements.
  • If you’re looking for a fun naked bike with plenty of modern tech, the 2022 Ducati Monster is well worth a test ride.

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Suzuki UK Launches Free ‘Accident Aftercare’ Program

In a neat move over the weekend, Suzuki UK launched a program called ‘Suzuki Accident Aftercare’ – and it’s a proverbial love letter to the long-term Suzuki customer and all the potential shenanigans a bike can get up to in its lifetime (it’s a lot – just putting that out there). 

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Indonesia: SPAI Workers Union Condemns Online Motorcycle Taxi Business as a ‘Failed Business Model’

UK: Cost of Living Crisis Expected to Spike Motorbike Sales 

It looks like more expensive houses and cars mean better chances of versatility in the motorcycle market – and a recent global survey by the Financial Times suggests this is a fast-growing global issue, following the lockdowns of 2020-to-present-day. 

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2022 Moto Guzzi V7 Stone Review

Review Summary:

  • The Moto Guzzi V7 Stone is a rugged, stripped-down standard motorcycle that provides a true ‘old school’ riding experience.
  • Great attention to detail has gone into the design of this bike, from the twin blacked-out exhausts to the Moto Guzzi logo carefully worked into the handsome single LED headlight.
  • There are no rider aides here—in fact, there’s not even a fuel gauge—and the ‘Modes’ button on one of the bars can be misleading, as all this does is cycle through display screens.
  • Still, if you’re looking for a ride with real character and prefer a classic experience, there are thrills aplenty to be had with this handsome standard bike.

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Kawasaki: Z650RS, Vaquero, and W800 Return for 2023

Team Green has brought back three iconic machines to their 2023 lineup – and given their preparations to stun the world with their upcoming EV range, we’re looking closer than ever at the bikes that get to stay in Kawasaki’s fossil fuel ranges

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“Twist the Throttle for Trails”: Buy a Foot of Trail, Win a Custom KTM 350 EXC-F!

With the warmer season making way for the close of the year, everybody is making themselves busy on the anticipated turnaround – so why not add something new to the calendar in the name of protecting our available trails while you’ve got the new year in mind? 

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2023 Ducati World Première: Ep. 4, ‘This Is Racing’ with the Panigale V4 R

MotoGP: Dorna Sues Finnish KymiRing Circuit

Dorna Sports, organizer of our beloved MotoGP, is experiencing a wee bit of trouble from the circuit of the ‘happiest country in the world’(via VisitFinland) – and the solution could involve a hefty 6.4 million euros in unpaid fees. 

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ARCH Motorcycles Drops the Iconic ‘1s’

Keanu Reeves/Gard Hollinger, we thank you from the bottom of our quality-loving hearts. 

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Dorna: Hugh Anderson Inducted Into Hall of Fame

In the grassy hillocked topography of North Waikato, New Zealand lies the Hampton Downs Circuit, a National unit known for her corners (seven), her length (2.700 km, or 1.678 mi)…and now, more recently, a new inductee for our good Hall of Fame. 

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BMW: Meet the M 1000 R (MR) Roadster

BMW Motorrad has just popped out the second bike in their M-model lineup.

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