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2022 Harley Davidson Road Glide Limited [Specs, Features, Photos]

The 2022 Harley Davidson Road Glide Limited: The Touring Icon

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World’s First Airbag Jeans Go Live on Indiegogo Today

UK Cuts EV Grant for Cars, Motorcycles Excluded

With news of the UK government scrapping certain £1,500 EV grants, riders were a tad curious to see how the cut would affect the rest of us – and thankfully, we’ve just had an update this past Tuesday that the grant will continue for taxis, vans/trucks – and motorcycles. 

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2022 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special [Specs, Features, Photos]

The 2022 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special: Oh So Special

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[REVIEW] Richa Brutus GTX Pants

ACEM’s New President is Michele Colaninno

ACEM (the Association des Constructeurs Européens de Motocycles) has been in the thralls of choosing a new president as of late – and their recent decision has been to appoint Piaggio Group’s previous Chief Executive of global strategy, product, marketing and innovation. 

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Project ‘Zero Emission Norton’

Well, that’s it folks – Norton’s officially joined the zero-emission bandwagon. As of today, they’ve begun the process to form the ultimate electric machine to join their petrol-powered ranks – and based on the lineup of partnerships, we’re thinking the results will be good – really good. 

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Johnny Depp’s Motorcycle from “Crybaby”(1990) is Up for Auction

If you’ve ever tootled your way through Branson, Missouri and found yourself in a local museum, you might have found yourself admiring a red, 1955 Harley-Davidson Model K motorcycle from the hit flick “Crybaby” (1990). 

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A New Spitfire for CCM

We’ve just found a series of spy shots courtesy of the gents and ladies at MCN showing a new Spitfire variant from CCM – and just like its limited edition sibling, this machine will be inspired by the brand’s Flat Track history.

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Custom Eye Candy: A Ducati ‘Space Jam’ Scrambler

Bet Ducati never saw this one coming.

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Indian’s FTR Roadster Just got a Limited Edition Makeover

Indian Motorcycles has done it again and popped out a limited edition beastie with just 150 units available to the industry – and this time, they’ve gone and decked out their popular FTR Roadster for the occasion. 

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Introducing the Knox Micro-Lock Compact Protection

If you’re like me and you love digging up the latest in gear tech, then this one’s for you. 

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[REVIEW] Gryphon Moto Frontier Jacket

Custom Eye Candy: A Sci-Fi-Inspired Honda Navi