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Why I Went Back to ICE from Electric Motorcycles

Before I tell my gas story, I want to clarify that this article is not about my flatulence. My entire family knows I would never apologize for farting, so it should be obvious that this is about motorcycle fuel.

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Scorpion R1 Air Juice Helmet Hands-On Review

Is it Worth Shipping an Old Bike When You Move?

Motorcycle owners are no different from other enthusiasts when it comes to their beloved bikes. Their attachment to these motorized vehicles goes beyond the practicality they provide as a means of transportation.

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2022 Yamaha MT-10 SP Review

Review Summary

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Gone with the Greats: Isle of Man TT Claims Two of her Own

The motorcycle racing industry has just lost two key members of their legacy in the Isle of Man TT – and this news comes with a slight misunderstanding. 

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The Famous James: ISO Brand Investor – Not Picky, Must Love Brit Bikes

When I think Birmingham, I am immediately transported to my Netflix history, where dubious derring-do’s of Peaky Blinder Thomas Shelby (Cilian Murphy) top the shelf for ‘best ways to spend a weeknight’…but did you know there’s a bike brand out there that started in those coal-infested, tweed-happy times? 

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135 Miles in 10 Minutes: New Battery Project to Render Insane Charging Speeds

Back when we last coevered Lightning Motorcycles, we were fixated on their newest machine to challenged the electric land speed record. The American electric bike brand has been in the dealings of speed since 2006, when CEO and Founder Richard Hatfield participated in an electric Porsche race and came away with the idea to convert bikes to electric energy with lithium (via Lightning Motorcycles). 

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Royal Enfield: New Platforms and Model Variants for 2023

We’ve just had word that Royal Enfield is working on a whole new handful of platforms and model variants – and the range will be punted out in the next twelve months. 

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Deal of the Week: Select Motorcycle Shoes & Boots Over 30% Off

Your feet are the only parts of you that are supposed to touch the road during a ride—and even though that should only happen while you’re stopped, it’s pretty important to make sure you cover them in solid gear. Investing in the right pair of motorcycle shoes or boots is a critical part of staying comfortable and safe on your two-wheeled adventures.

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Triumph: The Chrome Collection

KTM’s the New Distributor for CFMoto in Ireland and UK

Since the lockdowns of 2020,the Powersports industry has shown a big bang in profitable partnerships – and with good reason. Why spend hard-earned money to tackle the big wide world when you can piggyback on a symbiotic collaboration, strengthening forces and saving finances as you go?

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Harley-Davidson Ordered to Fix Warranties in ‘Right-to-Repair’ Cases

Harley-Davidson has gotten themselves in a spot of trouble lately – and now, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has finalized orders mandating that Harley remedy the situation.

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Yamaha Files More Papers for ‘YZF-R9,’ Debut TBD

Honda Releases the 2023 CB650R/CBR650R

Honda’s just debuted their 2023 offerings for the highly popular CB650R and CBR650R!

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