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Watch A Kawasaki Ninja H2 Hit 200 MPH

We’re assuming that the “H” in “Kawasaki Ninja H2” stands for “horsepower”—and that the “2” stands for “way 2 much”.  If there’s ever been a street-legal sport bike that puts the “power” in “power ranger”, this one is it. Checkout this amazing top speed run of Kawasaki Ninja H2 and how quickly it reaches 200 mph if given the space.

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Awesome Sounds From A Honda CB650R

The 2021 Honda CB650R belongs to Honda Motorcycle’s Neo Sports Café line-up, and it still looks amazing. It maintains a futuristic look while keeping a minimalist approach. It definitely ranks highly for looks let alone its versatility.

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2023 Surface 604 Big Sky Review

The 2023 Surface 604 Big Sky is the step-over cousin of the Sunny Day, which I recently reviewed and enjoyed. It’s a near identical bike, aside from the frame. If you’re currently cruiser-curious, both of these bikes should be on your radar.

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The National Motorcycle Museum will be Gone in Three Days

After September 4th, the National Motorcycle Museum is closing its doors permanently – and we’re urging riders in the area to take advantage of the time left before it’s all gone. 

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Aprilia Poised to Debut New RS 440 September 7th

While Ducati prepares for a grand celebration for their Multistrada Dynasty, another Italian bike marque has been prepping a machine to compete against the likes of Kawasaki’s Ninja 400

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Happy 20th Anniversary to the Ducati Multistrada!

As of this year, Ducati’s Multistrada will have spent 20 (22 if we include that prototype in 2001, but who’s counting) years on this good earth, from the emergence of the 1000 DS in 2003 to our present-day Granturismo machine; the Multistrada Dynasty is unmistakable in this recent press release, and maybe all that anticipation has Bologna relaxing a little more than usual.

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Indian Recalls 50 Pursuit/Challenger Models Over “Suspect Fuel Line”

Back in June, Indian Motorcycles identified a wee problem with a handful of their newest MY2023 Pursuit and Challenger models; further testing in July has led to a recall report submission to the NHTSA, due thanks to the questionable assembly of certain fuel lines. 

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Yamaha R1 Flat Out Around Nordschleife!

Watch this 2021 Yamaha R1 with full Akrapovic exhaust go all out around Nordschleife despite heavy traffic on the track.

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Bike Of The Day: 2004 Ducati 998 ‘Matrix’

Inspired by the distinctively dark green Ducati featured in the 2003 blockbuster film ‘The Matrix Reloaded,’ Ducati introduced the 998 Matrix as a limited-edition model. This exceptional motorcycle was crafted in the same captivating deep green hue seen in the movie. While exact production numbers are unknown, reports suggest that approximately 150 of these exclusive bikes were made.

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Win a Custom S2 in This Year’s SUPER73 X Pacifico® Ultimate Giveaway

SUPER73 and Pacifico® have put their heads together to bring a sweet opportunity to the U.S. table – and the winner gets a brand-new electric motorcycle!

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Industry Insider: UK’s Plans for Zero-Emissions Zone have been Scrapped

It’s Thursday, Parliament’s desire to cut 78% of Europe’s emissions by 2035 remains a contested bother, and the London Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is still in effect and expanding. 

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Retro Revvers: ZETHS ZFR 525 R Avenger is a Blast from the Past

For those of you not filled in on Japanese-UK bike imports, the whole situ is getting obscenely pricey; back in April of last year, we found that Japanese 80s/90s Moto Exotica was harder to get a hold of, rendering the machines twice as expensive as usual

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Industry-Firsts: New EV Nav App Takes the Guesswork out of Range Maths

Honda Gold Wing: Will It Off-Road?