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KTM’s Working on a 390 Rally

Fancy a new Katoom? 

How about a refreshed rally variant for our existing 390 lineup?

Apparently the Austrians are hard at work waving their wands for a whole new platform, with machines projected to sport anything from 125cc to around 400cc. 

The newest machine to be spied, however, doesn’t seem to fit in with other KTM prototype leaks we’ve had come our way. 

KTM Machines in the bid to figure out what the newest prototype from KTM is.
A KTM machine. Photo courtesy of CycleWorld.

Is this unit going to be a Gasgas bike? Perhaps a new RC 450F Dakar Rally bike – though we’re hoping the machine will be sporting orange for its debut, whenever that comes. 

Our hope comes from a comment courtesy of CycleWorld, who adds the following:

“…the styling also resembles KTM’s 450 Rally Factory Replica, borrowing that bike’s stacked headlight setup, and sharing components including the front fender.”

“The slanted air outlet below the bars also mimics that of the KTM 450 Rally Factory Replica.”

KTM Machines in the bid to figure out what the newest prototype from KTM is.
A lineup of Duke machines. Photo courtesy of Youtube.

The confusion is in the beastie’s swingarm – a unit that is novel, even for 2022’s range of prototype spy shots. 

With the “banana” shape of the swingarm raising everything that much more off the ground than the next-generation Duke (and even the model that’s expected to replace the 390 Adventure), we can’t wait to see what this means for KTM’s future lineup. 

“At least two examples of the bike were spotted testing, one with more complete bodywork, but the existence of multiple prototypes – and the finished look of the swingarm – suggest it’s a machine that’s already been signed off on for production rather than simply a case of experimentation by the R&D department,” finishes the report. 

KTM Machines in the bid to figure out what the newest prototype from KTM is.
KTM’s Super Adventure R. Photo courtesy pf Asphalt & Rubber.

KTM has always been sneaky about dropping new models on us, so maybe we will be seeing this machine before the end of this year. 

Stay tuned via our shiny new webpage, drop a comment below letting us knwo what you think, and as ever – stya safe on the twisties. 

*Media sourced from CycleWorld, Asphalt & Rubber, and Youtube*

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