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Yamaha May be Planning a Whole Range of YZF Sportbikes

Earlier this month, we uncovered proof that Yamaha was planning a new YZF-R7 model for 2022. The new R7 was certified with the California Air Resources Board with a 689cc engine, likely the same CP2 engine powering the MT-07, leading to some debate whether a new Twin-cylinder bike would be worthy of the YZF-R7 name, or even as as a potential replacement for the now discontinued R6. The news also led some to wonder whether an R9 is in the works, using the MT-09‘s 890cc Triple.

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2021 Kawasaki KLX300SM Review – First Ride

How To Drag Your Knee: What Every Rider Should Know

So you want to drag your knee, huh? We get it. Scraping your knee puck on the ground looks cool, and if you’re in the business of looking cool on motorcycles like we are, then it helps provide a little bit of job security. But putting your knee on the ground is not just a way to get more likes on the ‘gram, it can also be a useful tool to gauge how far over you’re leaning your motorcycle. In this tutorial, I’ll tell you how.

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2021 Kawasaki KLX300 Review – First Ride

Triumph Poised To Lead The Electric Motorcycle Field With The TE-1 Prototype

Triumph has managed to squeak by without much fanfare regarding its TE-1 electric motorcycle prototype for the past two years, partially because it has distracted us with rollouts of so many new or updated models, all with internal combustion engines. Triumph also pulled it off by releasing a press release in 2019 stating its TE-1 project… then staying virtually silent about it all this time later. The onset of a global pandemic also helped steer people’s minds away from the project, but today Triumph has announced it has completed phase 2 of its TE-1 electric motorcycle project, and the details, while still a little vague, already look very promising. It should, considering the talent behind the project. 

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2021 Honda Rebel 1100 DCT Video Review

For a helluva lot of American motorcyclists, tradition is important, and a lot of people want something that looks traditional on the outside, even if it’s verging on revolutionary inside. I think that’s kind of what’s going on with Honda’s new Rebel 1100. The profile says cruiser, but a slightly closer look reveals Honda’s done trying to copy Harley with fake cooling fins and plastic chrome gewgaws (though the Fury et al remain in the lineup). The new Rebel wears its liquid-cooled 1084cc Unicam parallel Twin from the Africa Twin right out in the open.

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Saturday MotoGP Summary at the Qatar GP: When Is Fast Too Fast, And Why the Race Is Wide Open

Ducati Begins an Engine Replacement Recall for the Multistrada V4

Brap Talk Podcast #58 – Sushi & Burritos

The Best Motorcycles of the 1950s

The 1950s was an interesting decade for the motorcycle industry. As countries began to show signs of economic improvement after the devastation of World War II, motorcycle manufacturers could begin to innovate in new directions. While affordable mobility was still an important part of a motorcycle’s design, the humble motorcycle was slowly being replaced by cheaper and more attractive cars as a means of transportation. Sidecars were on the way out, and the rise of the automobile was in full swing.

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Bagnaia smashes Losail lap record for maiden MotoGP™ pole

The top eight all went under the old lap record in a scintillating Q2; factory Yamaha make-up the front row, Rossi picks up P4

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Bagnaia makes it six different polesitters in last six races

The VR46 protégé stunned on Saturday evening in Qatar, but what other statistics have surfaced from an extraordinary Q2?

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Furusato puts in a masterclass to win Race 1

The Japanese rider opens the season with a perfect ride to victory as Mie vs Danish goes to the wire

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What is the official outright MotoGP™ speed record?

Zarco broke the all-time top speed record in FP4 at the 2021 Qatar GP, with Martin and Miller also joining him inside the top 10

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