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Yamaha Safety Vision

Our Team Blue has decided that the ultimate combo of tech and training will make our roads a safer place – and in commemoration of safety-first, they’ve birthed what’s called ‘Yamaha Safety Vision.’

The system was announced earlier this month, after the brand’s Tracer 9 GT+ tourer was debuted at EICMA 2022, showing off a radar-controlled unified brake linkage that connects the rider more closely to the bike. 

Yamaha's Tracer 9 GT+. Media sourced from Yamaha.
Yamaha’s Tracer 9 GT+. Media sourced from Yamaha.

Now that the Tracer 9 GT+ is officially out, Yammie’s working on even more options for safety – and currently, the project is headed by a Jin-Ki Kanno (in charge of maintaining the balance on the fun part of riding), and Jin-Ki-Anzen (in charge of merging rider with bike as seamlessly as possible). 

The project definitely sounds like she is in her infant stages, and there’s a lot that can be covered with such generic, yet important topics – but Yamaha’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Yoshihiro Hidaka, is convinced that safety tech and rider aids are the next step for the company. 

Yamaha's Tracer 9 GT+. Media sourced from Yamaha.
Yamaha’s Tracer 9 GT+. Media sourced from Yamaha.

“We find ourselves now on the cusp of a pivotal change in our business with the rapid developments seen with electric vehicles and digital technologies,” says Hidaka in a report from MCN

“As this change progresses, the cutting-edge technologies we have acquired, our wide-ranging business base as well as our ability to give form to new ideas will likely be important drivers for the next steps of Yamaha Motor’s growth.”

Our best to the marque, and we will be looking forward to updating you on what goes on inside the lab. 

Be sure to stay tuned, drop a comment below letting us know what you think, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties. 

*Media sourced from Yamaha*

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